Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Cell Salts"

First discovered Cell Salts in the 'Good old Hippie Days'. When Americans were first waking up to the facts that the federal government, was at war with the general populous. And the kids realized their best defense against the Monster US government was diet. And their foods were being poisoned with chemicals, no one could read or understand. Now you have the Non GMO awareness and the importance of a Organic Diet. With eating Organic, it's not what in the food, it's what has it been sprayed with. Most crops are sprayed just before harvest to ensure freshness. And harvested green and gassed for preservation. The veggies and fruits you are eating today, might be actually a year old. So anything you can do to defend your health, you must. For your at war for your own healthy survival, with your own government. Do you roll over and die an ugly cancerous death??? Are you killing your own Children??? With the diet the system says is best for you and your family!!!

Myself like most of humanity, seems to forget their lessons. I knew the importance of Cell Salts in the 70s. But had forgotten by life's propaganda. Santos Bonacci reminded me again of the body and Cell Salts and your Birth Month. That and a skin condition type of rash on my arms. Not knowing my actually date of birth, but by my body and life, no doubt I'm a Gemini. Ruled by my Ears, Arms for my lessons. Been fighting this rash and until listening to one of Santos talks. I was reminded of my Cell Salts and being an Gemini, Kali Mur. 6X is my Cell Salt. The Kali Mur. was in my cabinet already, just forgotten the importance of the Cell Salts. Like "God" returning to Earth and realizing just how messed up you are. A 'Giant Wet Fist in the Night', reminder.

Cell Salts were discovered by a German named Dr. William H. Schuessler in 1873. Their are 12 Mineral Salts the body needs to maintain good health. ordinarily you'd get your Cell Salts from the foods you eat. In this current "Time", most food plants are GMOs and chemically sprayed for freshness. Some reports have been written that the soils are used in most farming, have been depleted of their natural minerals. So massive amounts of chemical must be added to the soil for crop productions. Here is a list for the Cell Salts you need daily, based on month of birth.

Aries: Potassium Phosphate KALI PHOS

Taurus: Sodium Sulfate KALI MUR

Gemini: Potassium Chloride KALI SULPH

Cancer: Calcium Fluoride CALC PHOS

Leo: Magnesium Phosphate CALC SULPH

Virgo: Potassium Sulfate CALC FLOUR

Libra: Sodium Phosphate NAT MUR

Scorpio: Calcium Sulfate NAT SULPH

Sagittarius: Silica NAT PHOS

Capricorn: Calcium Phosphate MAG PHOS

Aquarius: Sodium Chloride FERRUM PHOS

Pisces: Ferrous Phosphate SILICEA

Just a reminder that modern medicines are based on Petroleum based cures. aka; No cure, only maintenance. Never want to kill the 'Cash Cow'. So as best one can, look for ancient cures for what is troubling you. Your doctor is only Practicing on you. And the idea that diet had anything to do with your health, will never enter into curing your particular problem. When in most cases, your bad diet got you there in the first place. Like fat people having joint problems, diet is the only cure. But the patient would be given some sort of petroleum based drug for joint pain. Never, 'keep your hands away from your mouth'. That would kill the 'Cash Cow'. Reminder how bad Wheat and bread is for joint problems. And all Natural Cures in today's medicines, are replaced  with Petroleum based products, like Vaccines. As an older doctor told me once, the best cure, 'is to stay away from the doctor'. Or as the saying was in Boot Camp in the Navy was. 'You think your sick now, then go too Sick Bay'. Take care of yourself as naturally as you can. Their are plenty of places for research, on what ever bothers you.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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